Message in the waves

Recently I watched a programme from the Natural World series called, “ Message in the waves”, which has had  a profound effect on my daily life, as well as my attitude to travel (watch it on iPlayer). Kid’s will be fascinated from start to finish and will enjoy the singer Jack Johnson teaching school children his popular song 3 R song in which he sings “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

As with so many of us who watch something that both inspires and frightens us, it made me feel I had to do something, however small.

The programme was not only beautifully filmed but narrated by an inspiring Hawaiian teacher who draws us into the culture of his land. He teaches us through a few simple words used by his ancestors how we can all look after natural paradises that exist all over the world. Together with a young free diver, one of the most inspirational person I have seen in the media, swims around the ocean floor picking up litter. The programme completely shocked me as to the extent of the damage all of us tourists contributes to damaging our amazing natural world. Huge groups of tourists are filmed snorkelling and walking all over precious, live coral reefs damaging them forever but the main shock came when a visit was made to the northernmost island which has become the rubbish dump of the whole world due to currents taking rubbish used in our daily lives and dumped mile after mile on the beaches. Masses of everyday items were placed on the sand for us to see. I felt utterly ashamed as I if I had placed it all there personally.

The main culprit PLASTIC!

Now I am claiming war on plastic and am going to see what difference I can make.

First stop…this blog

As a keen traveller, writer of kid’s travel books, as well as a mum to three adult children, who have inherited my wanderlust, I have a keen desire to get involved in a campaign to make a difference, which again so many of us wish they can do but daily life takes over and you never get around to it.

We can all make small differences. Here are some suggestions: use cloth bags for shopping, buy vegetables or fruit in paper bags rather than plastic wrappings. Many supermarkets and businesses are starting to address this massive problem but it’s the little folk like you, me and our families that can really make a difference. Let’s really try before the wonderful places we like to visit on holidays whether at home or abroad and the amazing animals and birds that share our world all become totally lost for ever.


REDUCE…In this war against plastic I am collecting as many suggestions on how to REDUCE the many items we use that are put into or wrapped in plastic. For instance, all forms of travel or holidays involve WATER BOTTLES. What can we do about it?

REUSE…Please send suggestions of fun ways to reuse plastic items. For instance, save any plastic bags for continued use. Have a competition for the family. Put name on a plastic bag and see how many times you can reuse it. Winner gets a prize!

RECYCLE…Although there are steps to make recyclable cups are there any other hugely successful vessels or wrappings being used that can be recycled easily and cheaply.

Comment below with your ideas!

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